Cutting the Cord: Does it Really Save You Money?

Cutting the cord has blossomed into a favorite buzzword, especially among those who want to save a little money on their cable bill without losing access to their favorite channels. After all, the Lichtman Research Group reports that the average US household spends around $107 a month on their cable bill alone. And the rates keep steadily rising.

This shift has many consumers interested in cutting the cord and switching to live TV streaming, but is it the right move? Does cutting the cord really save you money?

In the following sections, we compare the facts to determine if streaming is the outlet to rule them all.

Cable vs. Internet TV: Which is the Better Deal?

Before we get into whether investing in a streaming provider is the ideal choice, let’s break down why most consumers —especially expatriates — have a gripe with cable television. Most famously, cable TV is notorious for its long-term contracts with even more costly cancellation fees. Next is the cost.

If you want premium channel packages or extra satellite boxes for other rooms, you wind up paying a pretty penny. Lastly, in addition to being expensive, cable doesn’t allow consumers to choose which channels they get in their package. As a result, they often pay for channels they’ll never watch.

For ex-pats looking to take a slice of home across the pond, the most significant appeal of internet TV is its flexibility. Subscribers can watch their favorite shows wherever they are and on whichever device they have access to, be it mobile, tablet, or laptop/desktop. The low cost associated with streaming also plays a noticeable factor, as subscribers can shave $40-plus off their monthly cable bill.

And better still, many live TV streaming services like USTVNow allow you to customize your experience. This means you have more say in which channels you pay for and can take your pick of 60 channels, plus there are no strings attached. And who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Does Cord-Cutting Really Save You Money?

In the beginning, cord-cutting in favor of live tv streaming made the most sense because it proved to be the best use of a dollar. Average consumers and expatriates alike could have unlimited access to their favorite channels while avoiding cable-related frustrations. However, the landscape and benefits related to live tv streaming being constantly in flux threaten that luxury.

The latest trend is rising prices. USA Today found that several popular internet streaming providers like Hulu, Sling TV, and AT&T Now increased their rates within the past year, citing higher programming costs as the reason. As a result, basic streaming plans that once cost $30 to $65 inch closer to the $100+ price tag that’s long been associated with cable tv.

Another thing to consider is how much using multiple apps can cost. Stacking different platforms to customize your TV experience can add up fast, again, costing equally as much as the cord you tried to cut.

So, can you really save? The answer is yes, but only if you’re smart about it. Here are a few things to consider before cutting the cord to help you make the best decision.

Things to Consider Before Making the Switch

Your Location and Needs

As previously mentioned, one of the most significant benefits of internet TV is its flexibility. This is a gamechanger for ex-pats who otherwise wouldn’t have access to specific channels. If you’re unsure whether you want to take the leap, consider your location and needs.

High-Speed Internet

An overlooked part of cutting the cord is needing reliable internet to tune in. Unfortunately, free internet won’t cut it (no pun intended). You need high-speed broadband to have a quality streaming experience.

Content Offered

What are your favorite channels? Although some streaming providers offer your pick of shows, certain channels like HBO or ESPN may come at a premium price. So, first, evaluate which channels you want and how essential they are, then see if they’re available on your chosen platform.

Whether an All-Inclusive App Will Work for You

It may not seem like it, but there is a way to get the best of both worlds: an all-in-one live TV streaming app. For a low fee, providers like USTVNow offer live TV and movies on demand, which can help you maximize your TV experience.

Additional Fees and Packages

Although a live streaming platform may boast low monthly rates, their claims often don’t include additional fees they may charge. Before you sign up, read the fine print and find out what you’re in for.

TV for All: USTVNow

As you can see, live streaming TV is undoubtedly worth cutting the cord, that is, if you play your cards right. By investing in the right streaming app, you can access the channels you know and love anywhere. Enter USTVNow.

We offer TV for the US military and U.S. citizens living abroad. Our platform features live HD TV, movies on demand, and DVR services for a fraction of the cable price. Plus, you can connect to us on any device, including computers, phones, tablets, and smart TVs. Contact our team to learn how you can enjoy quality TV today!

By Asim