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ATLANTA, Ga. — Throughout the years, many cable television providers have struggled to combat the ever-growing trend of consumers cutting the cord in favor of streaming services. Despite such efforts, industry experts predict that cord-cutting trends show no signs of stopping and will continue rising well into 2021. Already, eMarketer found that in 2020 alone, approximately 6 million households cut the cord.

As our reliance on the internet and streaming services grows, it redefines the way we consume media and perpetuates the popularity of cord-cutting. Ad-tech company Trade Desk believes that the wave of consumers cutting the cord will send cable TV subscriptions into a virtual free-fall. They predict that 27% of households will end their long-standing relationship with cable by the end of 2021. That’s nearly double the 15% cancellation rate reported just last year.

One of the leading causes that consumers decide to cut the cord is that streaming is simply a more convenient way to consume media. Streaming services put control of programming into the hands of viewers and create a personalized viewing experience. They have also proven invaluable in education and entertainment, as well as catering to consumers living overseas.

Another reason for the rise in streaming popularity is the pandemic. With many customers homebound, struggling to find work, and becoming more finance-focused, the film and television industry saw a dip in the desire for traditional media and a rise in demand for streaming services.

This string of unprecedented shifts has created a unique challenge for programmers and providers alike, who are looking for ways outside of ad campaigns to replenish their dwindling customer numbers.

Thankfully, there remains a significant number of consumers who aren’t as anxious to sever their ties with cable TV. For one thing, Trade Desk’s study uncovered the crucial detail that even though subscribers are interested in switching from paid TV to streaming services, they aren’t willing to pay too much for them. So for a household with diverse interests, an inclusive cable package may well be more cost-effective than selecting multiple streaming subscriptions.

This demographic presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between cable TV’s comprehensive array of programming and streaming services’ convenience and personalization. And for programmers and providers looking to keep and further engage their existing client base, that bridge is readily available with USTVNow’s unique media solution. The Atlanta-based platform offers the best of both worlds, serving as an extender to a cable TV subscription with streaming service level quality and accessibility.

What makes USTVNow one-of-a-kind is that its services convert a subscriber’s computers, tablets, mobile devices, smart TVs, and other smart devices into interactive television screens. This not only enables viewers to watch TV anywhere in the house, but they can also take their favorite channels and programs abroad.

Although primarily geared toward US expatriates, USTVNow serves all audiences, including those interested in enhancing their cable services while keeping costs low. Subscribers can enjoy their favorite US-based channels, complete with unaltered regional and national ads.

The platform offers three plans to fit any viewer’s needs. Each plan boasts features like live TV on any device, HD streaming, and movies on demand, with DVR being available with specific packages.

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By Asim